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Nov 22, 2016

DHS Releases Strategic Principles for Securing the Internet of Things

What about the “need” for IoT legislation?

Facebook buys black market passwords to keep your accounts safe

Michael just got back from Boston, hosting a CISO Leadership Conferences. We discuss the trends that came up…  

→ just the trends…

  • Importance of a shared vision between the business and information security
  • Placing a higher value on skillsets vs. specific certifications/experience when seeking team members
  • How to enable the business and minimize asset loss
  • Creating a roadmap and measuring metrics/progress
  • Importance of reputational risk within an organization
  • Educating the board on your roadmap progress and threats, while keeping communication functional
  • Many organizations are placing a higher value on selecting the right cyber insurance
  • Challenges around third party vendor management