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Sep 27, 2016

Quick update and invitation from Michael: starting to explore rolling out services and improving the Straight Talk Framework. If you’re up to discuss with me - I’ll offer a brief overview and then a “setup for Straight Talk”  review to explore how to get you started. It’s a real offer because I know we’ll both learn. And then I’ll get a better sense of where to focus and how to help more people in our industry.

Note on yahoo: we’ll talk to Shawn later


How are Healthcare Data Breach Victims Affected by Attacks?

  • It opens with some hype: “Healthcare cybersecurity attacks are much more prevalent and common because the industry typically has weaker approaches to data security, states”
  • What’s to like? Maybe? → someone is working to explore the potential actual harm from breaches
  • This article, however, is just an attack
  • Why it matters? People read this stuff. They reinforce it. Fiction becomes fact because it gets repeated so much

We're told data breaches cost millions on average - but this security study disagrees

NIST launches self-assessment tool for cybersecurity


  • Boosters say the document will help specialists explain the importance of cybersecurity to the company's bottom line — the "holy grail" of business cybersecurity. But some critics have questioned how useful it will be to smaller companies.
  • “NIST Cybersecurity Framework — a document that catalogues the five areas of cybersecurity every company needs to know: identify, protect, detect, respond and recover.”  
  • I like these five. Need to check out the process itself.
  • It’s open for comment. Personally, I’d love to hear from our audience
    • Using the NIST framework?
    • Checking out the tool?
    • Planning to make comments?


House to vote on cyber bill for small businesses