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Sep 28, 2015

In this episode...

  • Kirby tells us what OSINT is
  • We discuss how much we are giving away on digital channels?
  • We discuss if there is such a thing as anonymity anymore
  • Location sharing in apps — the bad, the ugly, the scary
  • Kirby and Michael discuss “checking up on your executives”
  • Raf talks about “logo pages” — why do these still exist?!
  • Kirby gives us some thoughts on OPSEC
  • Kirby leaves us with a dose of reality about privacy in today’s world



  • Kirby Plessas ( @kirbstr ) - Kirby is the CEO of Plessas Experts Network, Inc. She did some things before this too, but we can't tell you about them or we'd have to black-bag you and send you to Gitmo. You can get her LinkedIn bio here: