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Dec 23, 2013

In this episode

  • Will gives us a lay of the land on the state of "state sponsored" and advanced threats
  • We discuss collective advances in malware
  • We discuss the persistence of 'old' malware, and code re-use
  • We discuss enterprise defense and strategy
  • Will gives us some wisdom from his experiencein helping clients defend themselves


  • Will Gragido ( @wgragido ) - Will is currently a senior manager in the Threat Research Intelligence organization at RSA NetWitness. Will is an information security and risk management professional with over 18 year’s professional industry experience, Mr.Gragido brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to bear. Working in a variety of roles, Mr.Gragido has deep expertise and knowledge in operations, analysis, management, professional services & consultancy, pre-sales / architecture and business development within the information security industry. You cn get more information on Will on his LinkedIn page.