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Dec 9, 2013

Folks, if you work with, design, or implement embedded systems this is one episode you don't want to miss. Fair warning, it's a little bit long at just over 50 minutes total. I hope you find the extra time worth the effort of listening, I know we sure did!

In this episode

  • The quirky things that Josh's organization gets to work on and deconstruct
  • The methodology of breaking foreign things
  • Android and why it's "horribly interesting" beyond just the OS everyone sees
  • Hacking Android at the very, very, very basic hardware interface(s)
  • Copy/Paste software development and it's pitfalls
  • Embedded devices as pivot points for intrusion
  • The importance of embedded systems, and why no one is writing secure code (still)


  • Josh Thomas ( @m0nk_dot ) - Chief Breaking Officer for Atredis, Security researcher, mobile phone geek, mesh networking evangelist and general breaker of things electronic. Typical projects of interest span the hardware / software barrier and rarely have a UI. m0nk has spent the last year or two digging deep into Android and iOS internals, with a major focus on both the network stack implementation and the driver and below hardware interfaces. He uses IDA more frequently than Eclipse (and a soldering iron more that both). His life dreams are to ride a robot unicorn on a moonlit beach and make the world a better place, but mostly the unicorn thing...