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Nov 25, 2013

I want to thank Carolyn Kopprasch and the @BufferApp team for getting back to me, and agreeing to not only join the podcast, but also field questions from "anyone" ...what a cool group of people!

In this episode

  • Carolyn gives us some of the insider's perspective on what really happened, when Buffer got hacked
  • Carolyn and I discuss triage methodology, and how Buffer's small team responded
  • In-depth conversation on the communications strategy and implemented plan to be totally transparent
  • We discuss that point where it's time to "shut it down" and the need to have the ability and information to make the decision Buffer's team did when they shut down the service temporarily
  • Carolyn talks about some of the non-typical ways that her team detects potential security issues
  • Caroly dispenses some solid advice for anyone in a small shop that may be operating ultra-lean
  • Finally, Carolyn and I talk about software security and what role it (or the lack thereof) played in the Buffer incident


  • Carolyn Kopprasch ( @CaroKopp ) - Carolyn is currently Buffer's "Chief Happiness Officer". Her role is to make sure that Buffer's customers are, in fact, happy. Also she has a web presence right here: