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Aug 29, 2012


In this episode we ask the big question of "Can security be a part of the 'build/deploy faster!' culture?"  We discuss the need to separate out high/low risk code, understanding how to deploy dormant components of the applications, proper testing strategies and branching/merging in a world where faster isn't just an ask, it's a need to stay competitive.

A huge thank you to all my guests for their time and expert insight.  The combined talent and experience of my 3 guests is something you should absolutely take a listen to, as these gentlemen really know what they're talking about - whether it's Information/Application Security, or DevOps ... this is a discussion that bridges both with expert precision.


  • Nick Galbreath - Nick's Linked-In profile says he's been at 5 early to very early startups, all sold, IPO'd or huge - all dealing with massive scaling in load and large data sets.  FaceBook now owns a half-dozen of his patents on social graphs, and Google is using some of his code in Chrome!  On top of that, he's written a book on cryptography too... when he's not out building start-ups, Nick's speaking/teaching or hacking away at code to find better, bigger exploits and fixes.
  • James Wickett - James is an innovative thought leader in the DevOps and Information Security communities, and has a passion for helping big companies work like start-ups to deliver products in the cloud.  He got his start in technology when he ran a web startup company as a student, and James is currently employed as a Senior DevOps Engineer working on launching cloud-based products for the Embedded Software division of Mentor Graphics.  James' bio is linked here.
  • Olivier Saudan - Olivier is a software security analyst with 10 yeras experience in operations (including Information Security) and a significant development background.  He keeps his identity and employer a mystery due to the nature of his work, and the need for discretion.