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Aug 6, 2012


This episode was recorded in June '12, live from the show floor at HP Discover Las Vegas, 2012 and the talk of the town was once again DevOps.  Gene and I have had 2 prior conversations on the topic, but we're once again tackling the impact of DevOps on the IT and security relationship and overall business value.  We tip our hats to several people including Josh Corman (Rugged DevOps), David Mortman, James Wickett, Nick Galbreath and Mr. Daniel Blander for their prior contributions and supporting work on the topic.  Gene talks about some of the mechanisms we have available to us to bridge that IT Security-to-developer-to-operations gap that's holding us back from true business value.  Fun fact- studies have found that when you wake up a developer at 2am to solve an issue, problem resolution times plummet!

Enjoy the podcast, and go grab Gene's books when they're available... comments are welcome!


  • Gene Kim - Gene is finishing up the third and fourth books, "When IT Fails: The Novel" and "The DevOps Cookbook," [highly recommended reads for any IT professional who aspires to high performance] scheduled to be published in August 2012. Both are the culmination of over 13 years of researching both high-performing and low-performing IT organizations, as well as benchmarking over 1500 IT organizations to help inform what behaviors simultaneously advance business and information security objectives.  LinkedIn profile, just in case you have never had the pleasure -