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Hello, and thanks for clicking over. I'm Rafal Los, and I started this podcast in 2011 with a simple goal in mind - to entertain you, while providing a work-safe show that you could actually learn something from to help you do your job better.

Here's the slightly longer story...

In September 2011, there were a lot of great cyber-security related podcasts, that much is true. Unfortunately, many of them were not what I'd consider "work-safe", meaning that if your boss walked by while you were listening at the office, you couldn't just let them listen in. The reasons for that were many, but profanity, content, and purpose were among the key reasons most of these shows weren't work-safe. In addition, while many of these shows provided host and guest with a platform to air ideas, and often times vent - they didn't provide much in the way of educational content.

I wanted to change that.

What I've done is brought on some of the people I would want to talk to. These are people with ideas that could change the world, how you work, or how you manage your company's security. Some of the guests are my friends, but many are industry luminaries, government leaders, and everything in between. I really enjoy hosting and publishing this, so I hope you enjoy the show.

Suggestions are always welcome.