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Jul 26, 2022


It's always a pleasure to have someone on the show who is an expert in their trade, someone who has experience, expertise, and depth of understanding like few others. In this case, James and I host Jim tiller - one of the people I consider a mentor and long-time friend, who is all of those things and more.


Jul 19, 2022


James has been talking about "shift left" for a while so when Jeff Williams posted interesting research on LinkedIn - we jumped on an opportunity to have him on the show to talk about the subject. Let's face it, everyone is shifting left, and most of this is just marketing nonsense, but some of it is actually...

Jul 12, 2022


DNS is a big topic, and you may be asking yourself why. Well, as we noted in a recent show ( ) DNS is officially middle-aged. And with that middle-age comes some more problems. These issues have caused a situation where it's increasingly evident that DNS...

Jul 5, 2022


Let's start with NDR - Network Detection and Response - because it's not new, but the discussions lately have been very interesting. Is it still relevant? Does it have a place in today's hybrid and cloud world? Well, in this conversation with Raja Mukerji, co-founder of ExtraHop, Rafal tackles these questions...