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Jan 25, 2022


Back in episode 469 ( ) we brought Steve Perkins of Nubeva ("Cloud Go" in Portuguese) to talk about a very interesting "accidental" development. They'd figured out a way to steal encryption keys from ransomware, thus rendering it potentially...

Jan 18, 2022


Have you ever made a payment from your mobile device, wirelessly using NFC? Of course you have, most of us have by now. Did you know there are some (or at least were) fairly significant design flaws, otherwise known as "features", in the various platforms? On this show, we're interested in learning more about...

Jan 11, 2022


We have a repeat guest today! Mr. Mark Simos joins me once again to talk about Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) and it's applicability to not only Azure, but also your other clouds.

Building resilient and secure clouds isn't just about security, it's about design and architecture that adheres to good...

Jan 4, 2022


This week, on a good start to the new year, Eric Escobar joins us to talk about hacking wireless - and a little bit of history on the topic. Taking us back to early wireless hacking where you had to have the right wireless PCMCIA card and drivers, to today where things are a little more complicated but oddly...