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Aug 31, 2021


With all the craziness going on in the world, from terrorism, to catastrophically botched withdraws from a 20 year war, to the incredible proliferation of ransomware, and "cyber privateering" making a comeback in the news - it's as good a time as any to discuss open source intelligence, collection, and...

Aug 26, 2021


Let me start off by saying that this episode isn't about politics. It's about facts, claims made, and election security facts and myths.

I want to thank Rob Graham for getting on the show and sharing his experience on short notice, and providing insights from Mike Lindell's "Symposium". It's truly eye-opening,...

Aug 23, 2021


Thanks to Okta, for providing what is surely an entertaining (at least to record) and informative episode with some really cool guests. Bharat and John join James and Raf to talk about CIAM (a term Raf had to look up) and all things authentication history, past, and present.

By the way, if you haven't...

Aug 17, 2021


Big thanks this week to OpenText for providing access to Fabian Franco (go check out his bio below). He joins James & Rafal to talk about protecting endpoints, and some of the interesting things that go along with state-of-the-art detection and response capabilities. Also, if you'd be so kind as to support...

Aug 10, 2021


This week we have the pleasure of having Kevin Pope, one of Raf's close and long-time friends, and someone who's had one heck of a journey into and through our industry. Kevin is a veteran, a security-curious, and  cyber security professional - and he's also got some metered opinions too. We discuss hiring,...