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Oct 31, 2011


  This is the first MicroCast, a new 15-minute format jammed packed with a series of great topics.  This time around, Jack Nichelson joins me and tells us how Bruce Lee feels about IT Security (this is a great quote!), why really good IT Security is just really good IT, and whether we will all be replaced by...

Oct 24, 2011


  This is a special episode for anyone who's feeling like "Information Security" in their small business is impossible.  My guests and I talk through how to make information security a proper entity that can both serve the business need, and be respected; more than just survival, it's about making security thrive...

Oct 10, 2011


  Over the past year and a half of so, I've been pushing hard to change the paradigm around secure software - specifically the testing aspect of it to incorporate a much heavier emphasis on quality assurance.  That conversation spilled over into an OWASP conversation, which lead Glenn, Rohit and I to sit down...