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Jun 21, 2022


RSA Conference 2022 has come and gone. Rafal was there for all the circus and madness, and sits down with James to discuss what was seen and heard.

Also, you'll get some clips in here from some of the interviews from the show as Rafal caught up with some interesting vendors, old friends, and even some...

Jun 7, 2022


In this RSA conference-themed episode, I bring on Jonathan Barnett from OpenText Security Solutions to discuss DNS turning 40 years old. Yeah, it was originally invented in 1983 y'all. As DNS turns 40, some of the lingering problems are getting worse, some of the new solutions open up other problems, and we're...

Jun 2, 2022


This is a bonus episode for the Episode 500 live-stream we did. I brought together Crowdstrike, OpenText, and Netskope technologists to talk about the technology they've worked with over the last 10 years, where it stands today, and what the future outlook looks like.

It's a fascinating conversation from some...

May 31, 2022


This week, we talk about the cloud in a different way than we have previously. We discuss "blast radius" with regard to vast numbers of roles and permissions inside of a public cloud infrastructure. The numbers are staggering and you'll likely find yourself asking the obvious question -- "How does anyone manage...

May 24, 2022


CMMC may be something you know nothing of, but if you're a government contractor, or work with government contractors of the DIB - you're probaby alll too familiar.

For some, it's hell. For the rest, it's mostly insane. Jacob joins Rafal & James to educate us, and give us the reality of this set of...