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Mar 2, 2015

In this episode...

  • We learn the origins of "RSnake" as told by Rob himself
  • Rob gives us a peek into the dark side, from his contacts and experiences
  • We discuss the black-hat economy as it's verticalized, specialized, and matured
  • Rob discusses the balancing act of the good vs. bad and why the situation is as bad as it needs to be
  • We discuss some of the things businesses and defenders really need to worry about
  • Rob gives us his view of the inevitability of security from SMB to enterprise -- and why things are so good, or bad, or just right
  • We discuss the different ways security is being understood, implemented and matured and why it's futile to chase absolutes
  • Michael and Rob dive into the labor shortage in security - real, perceived, or misunderstood?
  • Rob gives us his outlook on where things are going over the next decade or so



  • Robert "RSnake" Hansen - ( @RSnake ) - Strategic. Web security expert. Visionary. Robert brings more than 20 years of web application and browser security experience, innovation, and vision to the WhiteHat Security team. Under Robert’s leadership, WhiteHat Labs successfully launched Aviator, the most secure browser available, for Mac and Windows, quickly racking up more than 170,000 downloads in less than six months. When asked about WhiteHat Labs’ mission, Hansen said, “Labs will strive to provide prototypes that go beyond customer expectations, to delight the user.” Before WhiteHat, Robert was the CEO of SecTheory and Falling Rock Networks. Robert has co-authored several books including XSS Exploits and Website Security for Dummies. Robert is also the author of Detecting Malice. He is a member of WASC, APWG, IACSP, ISSA, APWG and has contributed to several OWASP projects, including originating the XSS Cheat Sheet. When he is not breaking the web to make it stronger, Robert enjoys watching Formula One racing.