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Jan 29, 2013


I sat down with Bill at ISSA International in Anaheim, CA in the fall of 2012 to discuss what it's like, and what types of challenges he faces in the fast-paced, hybrid world of security at Netflix. We talked about some of the challenges his environment faces, and more generic issues that are endemic to the evolving security landscape. It's fascinating to hear Bill's take on what the big picture items are, and how security is really in a state of evolution right now. Join us, I tihnk you'll love this episode.


Bill Burns - Director of IT Security and Networking, Netflix - Bill is a silicon valley titan, his name is associated with the likes of Infoblox, Riverbed and Netflix. Currently he's the Director of IT Security and networking at Netflix managing security in a hybrid cloud, traditional IT world, and facing some of the most complicated challenges in today's tough security landscape.