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Apr 24, 2012


This episode I sit down with Dave Frederickon who has a unique viewpoint on cloud computing from a Canadian point of view, as well as a VP of the HP Canada business.  I pose some tough questions to Dave including "Is 'cloud' just marketing hype?" and other discussion topics and we have a good chat on the reality of cloud computing, who's adopting it and how it's changing and revolutionizing Information Technology at the pace of business.  This is another great podcast in the cloud series, and you should not miss it!


  • Dave Frederickson - (Vice President & General Manager Enetrprise Servers, Storage & Networking Business at HP Canada) - Dave Frederickson is the VP of the ESSN group and is located in HP Canada's HQ in Mississauga, Ontario.  He is responsible for leading sales, pre-sales, channels, marketing and product management teams, achieving top and bottom line and market share objectives.  His role also includes responsibility for Enterprise marketing for HP and linking HP services and software.  He is a board member of Sharcnet and Schulich Corporate and Social Reponsibility.