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Jan 26, 2016

In this episode

  • What goes us here - so where are we?
  • Where do we go, and how? (addressing stunt hacking)
  • We discuss how we can influence outcomes, without hand waving and endangering lives
  • What about truly understanding risk, versus ‘security stuff’?
  • Michael breaks out the “risk catnip”
  • Raf asks Haroon -...

Jan 19, 2016

In this episode

FTC imposes a $250,000 fine for "false advertising" of encryption

NY wants...

Jan 13, 2016

We open up our 2016 year interviewing Shawn Tuma on the show. Shawn is our legal eagle, and a regular contributor to the podcast. This episode ran a little bit long (OK a lot long) but I think you'll enjoy the show... 


In this episode...

  • Most important cybersecurity-related legal developments of 2015
    • Tectonic Shift...

Jan 5, 2016

In this episode...


Juniper has a backdoor problem

  • 2 separate issues, auth bypass & VPN weakness
  • backdoor discovered in Juniper devices
  • lots of speculation on who put it there, but it was meant to be disguised as ‘debug code’
  • enterprise implications - same as before (what's the bigger picture?)