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Jun 18, 2012


Greetings fans, this episode promises to be a great one with the likes of Adam Shostack starting off talking about what the whole concept of "New School Security" is all about, and how it differs from the way we've all done it for the past 15+ years.  Adam and I talked through some new interesting ideas for...

Jun 14, 2012


Last winter, on a frigid afternoon I got a chance to sit down with 2 of my favorite Iowa locals, Kevin and Kenneth to talk about the tenuous relationship between QA and Information Security.  Earlier in the day I had given a workshop on software security testing (of the web variety) to a ViViT user group, and...

Jun 4, 2012

Greetings friends!  I am taking some time to do something a little out of the ordinary right now... I'm coming to you from beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada and HP Discover 2012 where the theme is Make it matter.

Rather than doing yet another blog post on how beautiful the show floor is, and how amazing the...