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Nov 21, 2011


  In this edition of the podcast, I sit down with Jeff Moss (@TheDarkTangent) to talk about all of the interesting evolutions currently going on in the Internet age.  As one of the people who has watched the cyber punk culture evolve from the dark culture of hacking for curiosity, through the "dot com boom" and...

Nov 14, 2011


  This is perhaps the most important podcast I've recorded to date, and probably will record for some time.  The guests on my show in this episodes are not only privacy experts, but people who deal with digital privacy every day ...and are just as appalled as I am about the rapid erosion of privacy in the...

Nov 7, 2011


  This week I host Bryan Stiekes, a distinguished technologist with HP ...and not a security guy by trade.  Bryan has been a part of IT for a very long and distinguished career, with a background in networking´╗┐ and architecture.  Bryan's premise is that Information Security is at its core fundamentelly broken...