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Jan 12, 2021


David was a guest on the podcast many years ago, back in episode 7. We had a great conversation and it's interesting to see how so many of the topics have evolved in the last nearly a decade. Or not.


Jan 8, 2021

You Gotta Hear This! [YGHT]

This special edition of the Down the Security Rabbithole Podcast is the first of it's kind. For 2021 I've decided to throw in a bonus episode here and there that doesn't necessarily fit the typical format when I find something interesting, or a topic or person worth your time.

Right now, with...

Jan 5, 2021


Let's start 2021 off right with a returning guest whose name you will want to remember. Joep (pronounced like "soup" but with a "you") Gommers the founder and CEO of EclecticIQ joins Rafal to talk about threat intelligence - from platforms to TIPs, use-cases, implementations, limitations, and the move to TIM....

Dec 29, 2020


This week, on the last episode of 2020, Michael Coates joins Rafal to talk about wire-speed-data-protection. Sort of like CASB but more universal. Interestingly, Rafal and Michael talk through how DLP has evolved and into what, and some interesting developments along the way - then the promise of...

Dec 22, 2020


First and foremost, thank you to Prevailion for giving us some of Karim's time, and content for this episode. Adversary intelligence is critical to protection and defense, so the methods and means in which it's gathered, refined, and provided back into the industry is always a great topic of discussion.

I can't...